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How to make Zen Zingers work like a charm

When you make Zen Zingers there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure that they come out just the way you want them.  Remember that everyone’s stove is a different temperature, so figure out what works best for you.

Start low, go slow

When it comes to consuming Zen Zingers, we always say ‘start low and go slow’. The same is true for making them. Once you’re ready to try out your gummy making kit read all the info, get your equipment ready, pre-measure your oil, throw on your favourite tunes, and go for it! As you’ll see below, patience, time, and heat are vital to the gummy making process. 

Gummy Candy Instructions
Download Instructions (pdf)

Don’t over boil the mix

We get it—the sooner you get them in the molds the quicker they will set! But, the key to this step is PATIENCE, along with attention to time and heat. As soon as you’ve brought the mix to a boil over medium heat—you’re aiming for a consistent boil with pea-sized bubbles—set the timer for 4-minutes, watch the pot and keep the boil steady. If the heat is too high or the boil is too long, you’ll end up with hard candy as much of the water will evaporate. 

Stir it up

When the 4-minute timer beeps, remove the saucepan from the heat and set it again for 30-seconds. When this timer goes off, it’s time to add your pre-measured oil. Stir the oil in well and get ready to transfer it to the molds quickly so that it doesn’t separate from the mix.

Drop it like it’s hot

At this stage, you need to work quickly and take care as the mix is hot. Hold the dropper vertically, stick it in the saucepan, suck up the mix, and drop it in the mold. Fill each one up ¾ of the way first and then come back to top them up—this way if you’ve evaporated a bit too much of the liquid, you’ll still get the dosage you were aiming for. Keep in mind, the mixture is ‘real sticky’ and is easier to work with when it’s hot, so fill up the molds as quickly as you can manage.

The waiting game

Once the mold is filled, it’s time to dry your Zen Zingers on the counter. Leave them out for 24-48 hours. It’s even better if you can turn them out after a few hours and let the whole surface have a chance to evaporate moisture.  You can turn them out onto parchment paper. The drier the gummy the better it is for transportation and storing. It’s a fine balance of what you prefer because the drier it is, the firmer it becomes.

That’s a wrap

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your hard work! If there are kids in your house, store your Zen Zingers in an opaque, child-proof container and let them know that adult gummy candy is dangerous and off-limits. When you’re ready for more, grab a Refill Kit and have 30 more gummies, ready in no time. Feel free to tag your social posts using #ZenZingers for a chance to be featured on Instagram!

Have any tips of your own? Comment below and share them with us.