Frequently Asked Questions

Zen Zingers empower you to craft your own experience. By using our cannabis gummy making kits, you can control what goes into your edibles. Read about the all of the benefits here.

Please always remember to start low and go slow. A good starting dose is 2-5mg. Use our formula to figure out how much active ingredient to add.

At the moment our products contain gelatin and sugar. We do have a vegan, sugar free option on our roadmap but we have to make sure we can sell it before we make it. Please let us know if this is something you would like to see sooner rather than later.

Zen Zingers can be used with almost any type of concentrate including distillate, shatter, rosin or can be used with infused oils such as coconut, MCT, sunflower etc. The only caveat is that your oil should be fairly strong. We do not recommend adding more than three teaspoons of oil.