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How To Make Edibles Hit Faster

How to make edibles hit faster

Did you know that it can take between 30 minutes to one hour for edible cannabis to work (1)? This can be very frustrating for some people if they need it to work faster for more immediate results. 

If you want your edible cannabis, such as your cannabis gummies to work faster, you are not alone in feeling this way. So many people ask what they can do to make their edible cannabis to provide quicker results. 

Cannabis Edibles

Edibles refers to cannabis products that you can eat. There are many different edibles that cannabis can be incorporated into, such as baked goods, chocolate, confectionery, drinks, supplements, and more. 

However, cannabis gummies are one of the leading edibles today. Many people are now opting for gummies because they are easy to make and simple to eat. 

THC and CBD oils are added to the gummies. This is great because it means you can control and regulate how much of these compounds go into your edibles. Additionally, you can decide which cannabis extracts you would like to add. 

THC and CBD are the two primary compounds extracted from the cannabis plant. Although scientists are now looking into the other cannabis compounds to determine whether they are also beneficial.

There will undoubtedly be more cannabis compounds to choose from in the future. But for now, THC and CBD are the main compounds of interest. 

What is the difference between CBD and THC?

When discussing how to make edibles hit faster, it is important to consider the difference between CBD and THC. Although both of these compounds come from the same plant, they can have different effects on your body (2). 


Cannabidiol, abbreviated to CBD, is the compound extracted from cannabis that people usually take for a health-related problem. Currently, more research is going into the benefits of this compound, and scientists say that CBD is best for:

  • Inflammation
  • Pain
  • Convulsions
  • Muscle tension
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Vomiting and nausea 


Tetrahydrocannabinol, abbreviated to THC, is the compound extracted from cannabis that people typically take for recreational purposes. However, there is more to THC than just recreation. A lot of scientific research indicates that THC has therapeutic benefits as well. So far, experts claim that THC could be best for:

  • Inflammation
  • Pain
  • Muscle tension
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Increasing appetite 

Therefore, the reason why you are using edibles might be part of why you need them to hit faster. For example, suppose you use edibles to manage pain. In that case, you will certainly want your edibles to work before your pain worsens.

How to make edibles hit faster 

Is this your first time using edible cannabis? If it is, you need to keep in mind some key things. 

As mentioned earlier, it can take up to an hour for edible cannabis to work. However, compared to people who smoke cannabis, it only takes up to ten minutes (3). In addition, many people are now opting for edibles because when cannabis is smoked, it can damage the lungs. 

If there is no urgent reason why you need your edibles to hit faster, you could try taking them an hour earlier. Or, if you are anticipating that you need your edibles to work at a particular time, take them one hour before that. 

Before attempting to make edibles hit faster, you need to remember that cannabis can kick in quicker for people who have never used it before. As a result, regular users normally attempt to get a faster hit from cannabis compared to those trying it for the first time. 

Before you attempt to make your cannabis gummies work faster, you need to use it a few times first to see how it interacts with your body.

Eat your edibles on an empty stomach

Some users suggest using cannabis edibles on an empty stomach (4) and for some people this does have good results. 

The reasoning behind this is that edible cannabis can absorb more quickly into the body when there is no food blocking it in the digestive tract. 

While this may work for some, it does not work for everyone. For example, some people can feel a bit sick when they take cannabis edibles on an empty stomach. 

This is why taking edibles without having eaten is only recommended to people who have used them for a long time. Experience means that long-term users are more likely to be aware of whether edibles are best tolerated on a full or empty stomach. 

Although some do recommend this method, as you will see mentioned below, you do not necessarily need an empty stomach for edible cannabis to hit faster. 

Take your edibles with a fatty meal or snack 

If you cannot tolerate edibles on an empty stomach, then you might wonder what type of food can make edibles hit faster, or is there a type of food you should opt for over others?

There is evidence to suggest that a fatty meal or snack can help edible cannabis to absorb faster (5).

The reasoning behind this is that CBD and THC are lipophilic substances. This means that CBD and THC dissolve better in other fatty substances, and this will facilitate absorption. 

Therefore, taking your edibles alongside a fatty meal or snack could be the answer for some people.  

Take your edibles with a cup of coffee

Mixing cannabis with caffeine is becoming an increasingly popular trend (6). Many people claim that caffeine can make their edible cannabis hit faster. 

Caffeine is a light stimulant that can boost your metabolism. Hence, when your metabolism is raised, it can work a little faster on metabolizing your edibles. This, in turn, might make them hit more quickly. 

Increase your metabolism

If you do not like coffee, there are other ways to increase your metabolism (7). These include: 

  • Drinking green tea. 
  • Exercise. 
  • Eating healthy meals rich in protein. 
  • Drinking more water (cold water is best).
  • Get some good sleep every night. 

Using more than one method to increase your metabolism might also yield better effects. 

Have a break from using edibles

If you are using edibles regularly, you might develop a tolerance for them. Tolerance is when your body is no longer sensitive to a particular substance (8).

Sometimes people will increase their dose after they notice a tolerance developing. However, you should only increase your dose if it is safe to do so. 

If you have reached the point where you cannot increase your dose further, or you don’t want to, then taking a break might help. By taking a break from edible cannabis for a while, the first dose you take after that break could hit more quickly. 


You can try several things to make your cannabis edibles hit faster, but you’ll need to be more patient to understand how cannabis interacts with your body. It is advisable to take your edible cannabis at least one hour before you need it. 

If you do not want to use your edibles on an empty stomach, keep in mind what you eat alongside your edibles.