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  1. Louise (verified owner)

    Product is amazing I just goofed making as the kit has ingredients for 15 candies bit the bulk ingredients came as a double batch with no instructions on the packaging. Anyway, I goofed and made it wrong but learned. Spread the word the refill ingredient bags are double size from the kit. I now know and have learned. Love this product!!!

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    • Andrea (store manager)

      Hi Louise! Yikes, sorry about that. I think we spoke on email since then? The back of the bag talks about how many it makes and to only use half of the ingredients but we are ordering new packaging in the next few days so I will make sure that it stands out more clearly. Thanks for the valuable feedback!

  2. Nick Leonoudakis (verified owner)

    Should be separated into two packages so no measuring would be needed. Also finishing sugar should be part of refill kit. Disappointed it wasn’t.

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    • Andrea (store manager)

      Hi Nick – thanks for the feedback we really appreciate it. The reason we don’t have them in separate bags is to keep costs down for the consumer. If each refill only did the tray once it would be more expensive to purchase because of the extra packaging and labour. And it is on our roadmap to provide finishing sugar packs for purchase just as soon as we can! Cheers!

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