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  1. Corey (verified owner)

    By the time it’s all said and done 38 bucks for a pack of Jello and a bunk mold is not worth the price. You can do it yourself for half the price at home . Will not buy again . Taste was meh.

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    • Russell (store manager)

      I’m really sorry to hear that Cory. We are working on solutions to get shipping costs down – we know Canada Post rates are high. If you are signed up to receive our newsletter we will be updating folks when that rolls out. We’re just a relatively new company so we have to take it one step at a time! If you want to leave more in-depth feedback via our contact form we are always looking for ways to improve! Cheers.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice idea to make your own edibles in your kitchen at home, not so much in my kitchen. Found it difficult to get oil mixed after simmering for exactly 4 minutes, taking off heat and waiting 30 seconds.
    When mixture got cooler, difficult to use dropper provided to fill each mould as mixture was sticky and thick.

    After leaving gummy mould in fridge for 24 hours, easy to coat gummies with sugar.

    Put finished gummies in an air tight container in a dark cool place and they lost their shape and become like mixture was before I put into moulds.

    Easier to buy gummies than making you own.

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    • Andrea (store manager)

      Hi Nancy – I’m sorry to hear you had troubles, I can assure you it is not normally the case. There are two reasons a mixture can go thick, but they are both a result of extra heat – it is on its way to becoming a hard candy at that point. Either it could have accidentally been left to boil longer than 4 minutes or boiled hard at a higher temperature for 4 minutes. The second thing about heat is that in order for the gelatine in the gummies to go back into solution they need to be heated up. They simply can’t melt without heat. So is it possible that they weren’t in a cool place? I’m happy to discuss this directly and see if we can help you get a positive outcome – so I am emailing you now. Cheers.

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